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A nonprofit corporation that exists to advocate for those affected by the rare genetic disorders associated with the 14th chromosome, and in particular the Ring14 syndrome.
A registered charitable organization dedicated to providing a variety of goal-directed programs for children with special needs. We focus on the individual and allow each child to develop abilities, achieve success and create a postive self-image through a structured environment.
An extensive database of information and resources for patients and their families to better understand the symptoms of mesothelioma and the various aspects of diagnosis, prognosis and treatment.
Provides information about palliative care, nutrition and chemotherapy for the disease called Mesothelioma, a rare cancer of the lining of the lung caused by exposure to asbestos.
The Mesothelioma Group is an online resource for mesothelioma education.
A non-profit organization dedicated solely to providing support and advocacy for people living with or at risk for the disease.
A company that uses trampoline for therapies in children and adults that have special needs.
Our goal is to help individuals achieve "Independent Dressing for Independent Living". Our products may have decorative buttons, snaps, hooks or zippers that conceal VELCRO® brand fasteners that close with just a touch and hold securely.
A home-based online family store for babies, kids and Moms.
An article about where to donate used T-shirts, clothing and other apparel.
The Greater Victoria Down Syndrome Society is a nonprofit charitable organization whose members come from the Greater Victoria area as well as outlying areas on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.
Sooke Options for Community Living provides opportunities for personal growth, independence and participation in the community for people who live with developmental and physical disabilities and to provide support to their families and caregivers as well.
A website tailored to support individual needs with special groups for parents toddlers, older children, teens and young adults.
Spina bifida and Hydrocehpalus Association of Canada.
Epilepsy Canada
Canadian Lung Association and Asthma resource centre. Provides extensive bilingual information and a list of provincial groups.
Canadian Hearing Society. Offers sign language classes, audiology services, speech counseling, hearing aids, interpretation services, counseling, advocacy and public education.
Canadian Foundation for the study of sudden infant deaths.
The Cridge Centre for the Family, a Respite Resource Service that provides information to families about Respite Child Care and Respitality Victoria programs.
Helps over 20,000 children and families every year by purchasing urgently needed equipment, funding programs i.e.: summer camps, respite care, orthotics, prosthetics, therapy, and clinics etc...

UK Stairlift for Disabled Lifts and Stair Lifts
Stairlift Experts who will assess your needs and supply and fit your Curved, Straight or Rental Stair lifts throughout the UK .
Special Needs Kids is an Information Directory and shopping site to help parents and carers of children with special needs.
A nationwide, community based, registered charity committed to public education, research, and the vision health of all Canadians.
The MS Society of Canada exists to find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis and enable people affected by MS to enhance their quality of life.
Canadian Diabetes Foundation
Health Canada
Canadian Health Portal
Pediatric nutrition site.
Cerebral Palsy information site.
Parenting resource site for Vancouver Island families.
A community resource site for Victoria, BC families.
Canada`s Arthritis society.
This site brings together information about all the children and youth programs and services provided by the Government of Ontario.
Healthline provides a very comprehensive overview of Type 2 Diabetes as a critical starting point for individuals and/or their loved ones.
Help for families affected by a Zofran birth defect.





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