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Mini-Miracles is the premier source for special needs clothing for children, adults and seniors in Canada. We provide customers with high quality products and service and offer adaptive clothing selections that are lacking in the marketplace to date.

Mini-Miracles - adaptive clothing for special children Mini-Miracles is an adaptive clothing line designed for the "special child, adult or senior". 100% high quality Peruvian Cotton is used to make our garments which is perfect for even the most sensitive skin. Our philosophy is to promote dignity, comfort and quality of life for every child or adult, and at the same time, give back to our community. Please visit our links page where we offer links to resources relevant to the care of someone with special needs.

Special needs clothing for children in CanadaMini-Miracles is dedicated to some very special children that were in my life for a very short time, but, are not forgotten: Asher, Nasir, Mimi and Taylor.

To my dear friend Carol: I wish that you were here to share in this moment with me,but, even though you are not here any more I will always remember you and I know that you are a bigger angel looking after the little angels!

Victoria Valencia, President

Latest News
Mini-Miracles Children's Clothing is now available in all sizes
from newborn to adult by custom order.

Mini-Miracles' clothing is now being carried at
BC Children’s Hospital Gift Shop,
4480 Oak Street, Vancouver, BC
All proceeds from the sales of Mini-Miracles Children's Clothing purchased at the BC Children's Hospital only go directly to the sick children at the hospital.
So please support the gift shop at BC Children's Hospital!!



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