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The core Mini-Miracles clothing line consists of items chosen to meet the basic needs of the special needs child. They reflect the research and experience that the owner, pediatric special needs nurse, Victoria Valencia, has acquired working with special needs children.

Highest quality Peruvian cottonThe clothing line is made of the highest quality Peruvian cotton and have different options available for different needs (e.g.: gastro-intestinal feeding tube access pocket, cut to fit diapers, etc.).

While there may be similarities to other clothing lines, essentially it is the adaptations to the clothing, making them suitable for children with special needs, that makes Mini-Miracles clothing unique.

Mini-Miracles Children's Clothing is now being carried at BC Children’s Hospital Gift Shop!

Featured Adaptations:

  • flat seams - reduced friction
  • discrete adaptations so clothing looks normal
  • easy access - snaps, Velcro, stretchy fabrics
  • roomy seat to accommodate diapers (all ages)
  • longer rise in the back to accommodate sitting in wheelchair
  • elastic waist for and ease of dressing increased comfort
  • meets Health Canada regulations for safety and flammability

Suitable for:

  • Limited range of motion and impaired dexterity
  • G-Tube feeding
  • Wheelchair
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Developmental disabilities
  • Contractures
  • Toilet/Changing needs
  • Catheters and colostomy bags
  • IV tubes
  • Rigidity





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