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About Mini Miracles

Mini-Miracles - special clothing for special  childrenMini-Miracles produces special clothing for special children increasing the sense of ease for families and the comfort of children. The clothing is designed specifically to promote dignity and independence for children with special needs.

Families choose Mini-Miracles clothing because they want the best for their children. They embrace the uniqueness of their children and want them to be comfortable, yet stylishly casual. Mini-Miracles clothing is a good fit for the busy family desiring more freedom and seeking opportunities and tools that will streamline their responsibilities.

At Mini-Miracles, we live by the values of giving, gratitude and ethical business and dedicate a portion of our sales to children’s and special needs charities.


Mini-Miracles' clothing is manufactured in Lima, PeruThe clothing is manufactured in Lima, Peru where the high quality Peruvian cotton is sourced. The manufacturing teams in Peru are headed up by an alliance of independent business women who do ethical business. Victoria Valencia, owner of Mini-Miracles, is proud to do business with this community of inspiring Peruvian women.




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